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My dog Kirby became ill with noisy stomach and not wanting to eat he vomited one time. I took him to his regular Dr. and they thought he just had upset stomach, then when he wasn't better with meds and special diet in a couple days, we went back and they did xrays and bloodwork and put him on another medication. when he continued to refuse to eat and decline I took him to emergency clinic on a Sunday, and they took great care of him and diagnosed him with a gastritis , low-grade chronic pancreatitis and gallbladder disease, they started him on meds right away and he is improving . I am ever so happy I chose PetPlan when he was a puppy I never expected him to get so sick, and I am so Thankful I had peace of mind while he was sick that he had insusrance. Every dog is special I know, but I think Kirby is extra special as he goes to work with me frequently in the classroom I work with special needs elementary kiddos and is very much loved by all and brings smiles to so many.PetPlan was very helpful when I called with questions, and very prompt on processing claims,

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gastritis /lowgrade chronic pancreatitis/gallbladder inflammation
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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