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We have two mixed breed dogs ages 1 and 4.5. Both were adopted as puppies from a no kill puppy shelter when they were 9 weeks old. Our oldest did not have health coverage at the time of his traumatic canine fracture when he was two. After a $3000 root canal bill I spent significant time researching insurance options. While I knew Healthy Paws would not cover the pre-existing dental issue, we have had good luck getting various bills covered for expensive labs to work up GI issues and possible malabsorption as well as an ER visit for food bloat after Tanner helped himself to 4 pounds of kibble.
The youngest has had trouble with a knee problem since age 6 months. While this has not required surgery to date, he has gone to an orthopedic specialist, undergone x-rays and a month of physical therapy to include cold laser treatments. All of this was covered exactly how Healthy Paws describes their coverage and with no hassles! Tonic also had an ER visit for possible battery ingestion and the $200 X-ray was covered.

In general, office visits and labs or medication for routine preventative care are not covered benefits so you do need to figure this into the cost analysis when choosing a plan. It seems that this is a fairly standard practice for most pet insurance plans. It does not take many ER visits or expensive labs to at least break even on return of investment for monthly memberships.

We really appreciate how supportive and responsive Healthy Paws has been! The turn aroun

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Orthopedic and GI
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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