Rocco the Dog-Surviving Deabetes & Blindness

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In late December of 2012 we noticed Rocco was loosing weight.He also was wanting to eat and drink a lot. Also large amounts of urine. January 25 we took him to see our Vet. He wss diagnosed as diabetic and severly dehydrated. Dr.said Rocco needed to be hospital ASAP to save him. By then it was well after dark and snowing heavely. The hospital was 30 miles away in Truckee. Talk about your "Dark & Stormy Night" that was it. It took two and ahalf months for us and the Dr. to get his insulin dosage right, causing many to trips to Dr.
Later in the summer Rocco developed cataracts from the diabetes & in three weeks became blind. The Dr. sent us to "Eye Care for Animals" in Reno, 50 miles away. We went the next day. After exam. Rocco was found to be a good canidate for catact surgery. The operation was done a week later and after surgery Rocco immediatlly could see again. Cost for operation $4,819.81 Emvrace re-imbursed $3,855.87. That is only one example. Our totalfor 2013 was:$11,355.11, total reimbursed: $8,220.81. Our copay was $3,505.05

If it wasn't for Emrace I'm sure we would have had to some very-very tough decisios as we don't have that kind of money. We feel it was blessiong we took out Embrace pet insurance when we did. Rocco is bvery happy he can see agoin and do dog stuff in the woods like chasing squirells and seeing his dog buddies on our street.

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