Used 2 other pet insurance companies before H-Paws

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I am a professional police dog trainer and handler. Until I retired, my working dog company had over 40 dogs. We used VPI for several years on the recommendation of our vet. They were OK because we knew nothing better. Over time VPI started "nickel and diming" us over vet bills. SO I looked for another. The second company offered a better claims reimbursement, but there customer service was non-existent. Claims were SLOWWww. And they did not cover medications or physical therapy.
I did some research on-line and found Healthy Paws. There 90% coverage plan for 2 dogs was $20 a month cheaper than the previous vet insurance company. Their plans cover everything we need. Claims service is amazingly fast. No quibbling over our vet bill. They just pay it—everything but the vet exam.

On top of it all, one of my dogs had to have knee surgery (TPLO) recently. Someone at H-Paws sent me an email asking how Zoey was doing. How cool is that?

H-Paws is impressive. I recommend it to all professional trainers and handlers, especially to police departments with K9 working dogs. Budgets are tight. They can save big bucks on their vet costs.

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Surgery, Torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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