Broken elbow joint 4 month old Shiba Inu puppy

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My beautiful 4 month old Shiba Inu puppy broke her entire elbow joint simply by slipping on tile while playing. When we took her to the vet we were so concerned about her as well as how we were going to be able to afford her health care. The vet told us her entire elbow joint was broken and she would need close to $4,000 worth of surgery and care. We broke down in tears. We are a military family and while we have savings we needed that money for my upcoming medical retirement transition. Our vet reminded us that we had just signed up for a free 30 day trial of trupanion insurance. Our jaws hit the floor. Trupanion paid 90% of the entire bill including post surgery therapy!! We hadn't even paid any premiums yet!!! We never would have insured our puppy but now we will never go without. Trupanion wa such an amazing blessing to our family. We love our puppy as another child. Without Trupanion who knows what might have happened. We are now lifetime members of Trupanion pet Insurance. We are walking and talking billboards for Trupanion now. Thank you with all out hearts from this Marine Corps family for helping us take care of our newest member of our family. Words are not enough to explain our gratitude. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!

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Broken elbow joint
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