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Harry is our lovable, goofy labradoodle. He is the biggest of our four dogs, the other three being two Aussies and a Yorkie/mini-Pin. Harry's a chow hound, so when he immediately stopped eating, we knew something was wrong. Thanks to the caring doctors at Great Bay Veterinary Hospital and The Veterinary Emergency, Critical Care Center, Harry's on his road to recovery. And thank goodness for Petplan. I tout having animal insurance to everyone I know, because of the experiences and responsiveness I've had with Petplan, not only with Harry but with one of our Aussies, Watson, who tore his cruciate ligament last summer. Knowing I have the backup I need with Petplan means I don't have to worry that I can't afford a procedure, or a medication when my dogs get sick. When I talk to one of their "happiness managers" they listen, and listening is essential. Harry's got a bit of a road ahead of him, but seeing him return to his old self has stopped the constant flutters in my stomach. And with the coverage I selected, I know I'll pay some out-of-pocket, but the backup of Petplan is a lifesaver, for Harry most of all!

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