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I have had this insurance for 3 different dogs in the past 20 years (some dogs overlapping occupying my life and home!) and they are by far the best insurance in terms of coverage. I shopped around and nothing was nearly as generous. They are one of the only companies, BTW, that also covers routine care & vaccinations & flea control & heartworm preventive! They also have a policy of all claims related in the same year/same dog only have to meet a $50 deductible and the rest of the visits are eligible for 80/20 without having to meet ANOTHER $50 deductible. Very generous reimbursement, including my Jack Russell who had ear ablation surgery (removal of the interior of the ear canal) as the only possible solution after two vets tried repeatedly to get her chronic ear infection to go away. Surgery ended up costing $2000 and the other visits totalled $1000 prior to surgery = $3000, but I got back about half that in reimbursement ($1500).

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Jack Russell Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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