Trupanion Coverage of Sock Puppy

Out of 10

When I got a new puppy, I decided to get insurance on her and our other dog. I called to set it up and was going to get a $500 deductible on both dogs. The agent suggested that I lower the deductible on the puppy since they often do foolish things. I gladly took her recommendation and set up a $100 deductible on the puppy. Sure enough about a month later, the puppy swallowed a whole sock before I could get it away from her. I called our emergency vet and had her to their office within 15 minutes. They were able to get the sock out without surgery but my stress level was lowered by knowing that I would be able to afford any and all recommended treatment for her without cringing at the costs. Trupanion was very quick about reimbusing me for my claim and covered all of the costs they were supposed to. I will highly recommend them (and have already) to anyone with a pet. Thanks to Trupanion!

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ate a sock
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
Under a year

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