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Horrible experience with PetPlan USA, It was devasting enough to have a Great Dane puppy who was breed from a horrible breeder and had levels of hereditary and congenital defects/diseases but then I researched and found that PetPlan provided coverage for hereditary/congenital defects ....Or so I thought .....well they also said they cover Death benefits which I also found was a complete LIE. After paying for the GOLD plan for the entire 7 months life of my Sir Sampson and after a bout with Pneumonia requiring ER care which still left me out of pocket I submit all documents, including Cremation documentation to have ALL 5 CLAIMS DENIED.........My suggestion Save your money in a piggy bank and use it when you need Vet Care for your pet.....Better than paying coverage for NOTHING and paying your vet bills as it is all on a Reimbursement plan anyway and NO VET in the USA Accepts payments from petPlan NOR will they bill PETPLAN...Now I know why..PETPLAN DOES NOT PAY IT IS A SCAM.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Great Dane

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 06/14/2013

Actually, Petplan will pay your vet directly if you and your vet submit in writing that it's okay.

Posted: 06/27/2013

No pet insurance companies cover cremation. The policy ends with the death of the pet. These hereditary illnesses were most likely pre-existing, again something that no pet insurance company covers.

Posted: 04/14/2013

I'm very sorry for your loss. However, I would like to point out that no veterinary clinic in the United States accepts payments from, nor will they bill ANY pet insurance company. Not just PetPlan. Pet insurance does not work like human insurance. It is not an automatic thing, where all of the clinics and insurance companies are networked. It is simply a way for you to be reimbursed for your veterinary costs. It is your responsibility to make the claim and provide documentation. The insurance company then writes a check directly to you, not to the veterinary clinic.

Posted: 05/21/2013

I have to comment on Michelle's post. Vet clinics WILL accept payments from pet insurance companies. PetsBest (who I am switching from and that is why I am here reading reviews) has a form you can complete to have payment sent directly to the vet - I have done it. I believe VPI does that as well - it has been some time since I was with them (they are awful).It is true that there is not a billing system set up for pet insurance like human insurance, but there are at least some companies that will pay the vet directly.

Posted: 02/21/2013

What reason(s) did they give you for denying claims? Pre-existing? What about cremation? I was going to buy until seeing your review...

Posted: 02/25/2013

Why do you say "a Reimbursement plan anyway and NO VET in the USA Accepts payments from PetPlan NOR will they bill PETPLAN"? Do you understand the process of a "reimbursement plan"? Your vet has nothing to do with your actually payment from Petplan. Petplan sends YOU the reimbursement check, not to your vet, so your vet having to "accept payments" or "billing Petplan" has nothing to do with your claim. Petplan sends you your reimbursement check for whatever is covered on your specific coverage plan for what you have already paid out of pocket, you take the reimbursement check and cash it and keep it to cover your out of pocket cost! You don't give your vet your reimbursement check from Petplan, to even be able to fill out a claim, your vet service have to be paid for already in full and you then send Petplan your claim fully filled out with the receipt or a proof of payment for your vet's charges for their services. Your vet has nothing to do with billing Petplan, nor does Petplan directly send your vet any money, it says this directly on their website and in their FAQs. READ your terms and conditions before you go off bashing Petplan! And actually do your research, it's people like you who turn other pet owners off of pet insurance, when it's actually HELPFUL and benefital and could help more people out on being able to afford vet bills instead of turning to euthanization, and not getting your pet proper medical care for a condition that is treatable due to the cost.

a. Any amount if your pet’s death results from any illness first
occurring or showing clinical sign(s) before the effective date of
your policy.
b. Any amount if your pet’s death results from any illness first
occurring or showing clinical sign(s) during the first fourteen (14)
days of the effective date of your policy.
c. Any amount if your pet’s death results from any injury that occurred
within twenty-four (24) hours of the effective date of your policy. d. Any amount if your pet’s death results from an injury or illness
that is a pre-existing condition.
e. Any amount if a vet is not able to verify the death or sign the
death claim form.
f. Any amount if your pet was put to sleep at your request and
was not suggested by a vet.
g. Any amount arising from a death from illness for any dog
age eight (8) years or older or select breeds age five (5) years
or older.
h. Any amount if your pet was put to sleep because of a behavioral or emotional disorder, including aggression.

f. Congenital defects or abnormalities where clinical sign(s) were apparent prior to the effective date of the policy or that became apparent during the first fourteen (14) days beginning on the effective date of your policy.

If your pet suffers an illness or injury that may be covered by your policy, you must:
a. Visit a veterinary clinic within forty-eight (48) hours after first
noticing clinical sign(s) relating to an illness or injury.
b. Complete and send to us a claim form describing the illness or injury as soon as practicable but no later than ninety (90) days
after end of the policy period. This form must list the following information:
i. Your name.
ii. The description of your pet.
iii. Your policy number.
iv. Description of claimed illness or injury.
You must sign the claim form. A staff member from the treating
veterinary facility must initial the form.
c. Provide us with copies of invoices from the treating veterinary
facility showing:
i. The treatments administered.
ii. The fees charged.
iii. Proof of payment (i.e. receipt and/or invoice showing zero
balance due).
d. Provide us with copies of invoices and proof of payment for
prescribed medications.
e. Otherwise cooperate with us in the investigation of any claim
which includes providing a complete medical history for your pet. (See also Section VII. 8. and VII. 9.). Failure to comply with these conditions may result in a claim not being covered.
Once you have provided the written notice and other specified information to us, we will determine whether the illness or injury is covered by this policy. We will compute any applicable co-pay and deductible(s). We will then make our reimbursement to you within thirty (30) days from our receipt of all required information. A statement showing the basis for our reimbursement will be available through your online account or upon request. This will include the effect of the co-pay and deductible calculations, deducted non-coverable items and any maximum annual benefits, if applicable.
We cannot pre-authorize or guarantee coverage of a claim by telephone. For preauthorization of a treatment, you must complete a Preauthorization Form, available by request or through your online account.

Posted: 02/27/2013

I've been with Petplan for two years now and have had nothing but EXCELLENT service, response and reimbursement. While there may be an occasional low-scored review here that has some merit, maybe in terms of receiving paperwork (although that's never been a problem for me), I usually find most of those that are rated 1 or 2 are simply because the person who took the insurance did not carefully read the policy and take the time to understand what is and isn't covered. Pet health insurance is not brain surgery, but you do have to be aware of how things are covered. You have to take the time to read and to compare at least 3 or 4 different companies before you decide. That being said, if Petplan did not cover your events, it is more than likely that none of their competitors would have either.

Posted: 04/19/2014

Yes, pet insurances DO pay for cremation/euthanasia, Spongebob. I had Pet's Best for years and VPI before that (a long time ago, do NOT recommend VPI at all now) and they both paid for both of those things. Sometimes you have to add a "rider" onto your policy. The crux of it is, READ the policy before you buy, read ALL of the website, every single word. That said, Pet Plan customer service is really horrible and I am about to quit them, myself, due to that and not due to their coverage, which is one of the four good coverages/insurances on this website, the others being Pet's Best, Trupanion and Healthy Paws. The others are not good, at all.

Posted: 11/22/2014

I was glad to see other positive reviews here about PetPlan. As a several decade-long animal guardian, I can honestly say that PetPlan changed my life. I would NEVER AGAIN go back to having an uninsured animal. Veterinary care is costly and while no pet insurance company will reimburse 100% of the costs, PetPlan has reimbursed so generously (often even borderline claims that I think "No way they'll reimburse me for this" and then they still do) and consistently, I honestly wonder how they stay in business. They are amazing and I concur w/ other commentary re: people needing to read the fine print, submit the proper documentation, etc. Pet insurance saves money and lives and allow animals to get the stellar veterinary care they all need and deserve, which so few can afford out of pocket. Thank you PetPlan! (And no I don't work for them. Just a VERY happy customer.)