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I signed LisaJoy up for Embrace Pet Insurance in late October when I made her a permanent member of the family. She is dog #6 who I have "Embraced." In early December, when she was just 11.5 months old, I experienced the most horrifying experience of my life when her throat and tongue swelled rapidly due to a hematoma (internal bleeding.) The hematoma got so big it cut off her airway! I rushed her to my local vet, less than a mile away. They were able to do an emergency tracheotomy to re-establish her airway, and then referred me to the Emergency vet an hour away. From there, they sent me to the specialist hospital, Tufts University, 3 hours away. Throughout each step of this terrifying process, I was able to focus solely on my puppy and getting her the care she needed in order to survive, because I knew Embrace would be behind me 100% to help on the financial end of things. Sure enough, the claims process was simple and straightforward, the representatives were courteous and helpful, and the claim was processed very quickly, even over the holidays.

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hematoma of tongue/throat
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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