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This is the worst pet insurance I have ever had. I had Purina Care Pet Insurance which was GREAT until 24 Hour Pet Watch bought them out. Everything about 24 Hour Pet Watch Insurance is bad. Let's start with the 45 minute to 1 hour wait time to speak to a representative. On one of my first customer service calls to the insurance I opted to use their call back option so I wouldn't have to wait on hold after 3 hours of waiting to hear back I realized I was not going to get a call back so I had to call again and wait another 45 minutes to speak to a representative. After my old pet insurance company was purchased they changed my dog's policy to what is comparable to what I had at Purina. My Purina policy was an annual deductible of $100 per year with an 80/20 coverage. 24 Hour Pet Watch's comparable policy is $100 per incident deductible with an 80/30 coverage and a $10,000 lifetime maximum which is horrible. With this coverage there is no purpose to have pet insurance. I might as well be throwing my money in the trash. I was reimbursed $30 for a vet bill of $246 that's 15% of my bill. My monthly premium of $58 a month is more than what I was reimbursed for the vet visit. My advice to pet owners shopping for pet insurance DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM 24 HOUR PET WATCH!!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 02/21/2014

Your experience is similar to mine. The insurance was great until they were bought by 24 Pet Watch. They lose claims, and I have to keep re-sending the claims. I called a representative and told her that the neurologist now refuses to fax any more "lost" claims, so I have to drive 35 miles and get the claim signed. Her answer: "You need to get a vet that is closer." Also, "It's your responsibility to follow up." I asked her how many times I have to follow up on a claim and what if this is the only neurologist that is within a 50-mile range. Then what? If my claims are late or lost again, I will ask for an investigation by my state insurance company. The live chat is faster, by the way, but they still lose the claims. Both of my vets are sick of this company.