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I bought a $500 deductible / $10k max accident/illness policy from embrace in 2007 when my dog was about a year old. Because of the relatively high deductible, we had never even submitted a claim until our dog had a serious neck pain issue in 2011. I was very nervous at the time -- we'd been paying this company for four years and you hear all these horror stories, plus once you have an existing condition then you can't switch companies without losing coverage... what if I'd chosen a bad company back in 2007?
You can imagine my relief when Embrace was a joy to deal with. My dog ultimately needed an expensive MRI in 2007, and Embrace returned my approved precertification within a day and a half and quickly and fairly paid each claim once I submitted them. It was great to know that my dog (and my finances) are in good hands!

My dog's pain has recurred, and I've just had another great experience with a quick MRI precertification and payment.

My dog's neurologist volunteered that has she worked with a variety of insurance companies, arguing that tests and procedures should be covered, and that while she has seen some other companies get harder to deal with in recent years, and some have always been a nightmare, Embrace remains among the top of her list.

Thanks, Embrace!

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neck/back pain
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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