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I have been a member of UPC for the last six years. Last week, UPC left me a message on Christmas Eve about a problem with my credit card. I was out of town for the holidays and called them back FOUR days later. They informed me that since I had "refused" to call them back, they had already canceled my membership. They wanted to charge me $17 to reinstate the membership as well as $20 because of the card being declined. I spoke to the manager to see if she could waive the $17 reinstatement fee since I had called them back to fix the issue. However, she informed me that since I was a "long-time customer" I should have known better! Really?! I though being a loyal customer might make them eager to keep my business! The manager even went to far as to tell that she was "trying to run a business"! Really?! Seems to me like having paying customers is the most important part of running a business! I was appalled by her rudeness and arrogance and canceled my membership... please do not waste your money on a company who could care less about its' customers.

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Posted: 05/30/2013

Thats some pretty BAD service for you as a customer..... I did not call it Customer Service, because the only service they gave you was a vulgar hand gesture.