Quicker Response Time than Our Health Ins. Claims

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Sally has a growth on her leg and removal and biopsy found it to be cancerous. She had two surgeries to date and waiting to hear if she will require radiation to the surgery site. VPI pet insurance reps were very helpful, understanding and devoted as well as their concern about our Sally and they were very fast in sending claim payments, in fact much faster than our family health insurance plan. We are happy that all 3 of our dogs have VPI Pet Insurance with cancer policies and I would never consider owning a dog or cat without having the health insurance coverage they are so worthy of having, after all they are our children, especially when senior folks human children have grown up and left the nest, our dogs and our cats become our children. They all give so much love to us on a daily basis, how could we not provide them with health coverage; to us the cost of protecting them with health insurance coverage always comes before purchasing some item(s) for ourselves as they bring us more joy than anything available to purchase in the market place for ourselves. Our dogs safety and health comes before anything else. We have our health insurance coverage and they must have theirs too. Every time I'm at the vets office and hear the clerk behind the counter say to a pet owner, "that will be $552.50 today", I quietly ask them is they have pet insurance and most I've spoken with say no, so I tell them about the best insurance to get VPI pet insurance; I need to start carrying

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Australian Cattle Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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