PetPlan to the rescue!

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My 3 year old maltese poodle needed surgery for luxating patella (knee cap) earlier this year. The standout and most assuring part of the entire ordeal was PetPlan, who supported us throughout the 3-month ordeal and $6000+ bill. We went into the surgery knowing that it was going to be expensive. Surgical complications resulted in an astronomical price tag that I was not prepared for. Luckily, this company has fantastic customer service and is willing to walk you through the not-so-complicated claims process. When you call, you are put through to a real, friendly and knowledgeable representative--a rare thing.
Josie is finally back to her normal self after 3 months of recovery. I'm glad that I had PetPlan there along the way.

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knee surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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