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I’ve been insured for nineteen years through two dogs, and after trying a couple of other insurance companies early on, I’ve been a VERY happy Petplan customer since early 2009.
After a very expensive surgery for bloat when my current dog was six, I researched all of the pet insurance companies extensively – even writing an article for my clients on my findings. I own a dog training business and I refer everyone to Petplan, and I tell all of my vet pals about my experience with them.

Here’s how they operate:

Petplan offers three plans -- you can choose your annual coverage, per incident/illness deductible, and annual percentage covered. All three plans cover hereditary/genetic conditions, which is a rarity with pet insurance. They have no per incident/illness cap, so you’re free to spend your entire allowed amount on whatever your pet needs. And the biggest selling point for me – they cover the pet "for life" which means it's not a brand new policy every year. Most pet insurance policies are set up in such a way that when you renew -- even with no lapse in coverage -- your pet essentially has a "new" policy, so any problems he or she was having would be considered a pre-existing condition. As they get older, that makes everything a condition that would not be covered with other insurance companies.

As my guy has gotten older, he’s been receiving acupuncture treatment for arthritis, and Petplan covers it (along with other “alternative treatments” such as hydrother

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Over $1000

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1 - 8

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