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I've had this insurance for over 5 years...been paying them hundreds of dollars a year for all that time. They are good in terms of responding to claims, but in my case I paid far more for the insurance than I got back from them (thank God my dog has been healthy). Suddenly they change underwriters and my premiums change from $51 per month to $138 per month. So all these years I've been paying for coverage, now when my dog is older and I really need the coverage, they make the premiums unaffordable. Save your money, put some away each month, and pay for your vet bills yourself. I'd be in a much better position now if I'd done that instead of giving them money for all these years.

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Posted: 01/09/2014

Well, it happened....my worse fears realized. Apparently last year I was still with the old underwriter, but I just received my renewal notice....it's going up. WAYYYYY up! As in, it's going up $1700 for 4 pets. In years past, it went up maybe $20-$30 a year...$1700! Just very disappointed.

Posted: 12/12/2012

Hi Michael, our underwriter recently reviewed actuarial data and it became clear that certain pets are more likely to need veterinary care, typically due to age or breed, and those pets did see increases in premium. Many others, however, saw their prices stay the same or even decrease. Please note your premium is never based on your claims filing history.
Our new plans offer a greater variety of deductibles and reimbursement levels, so you can still get excellent coverage within your budget. There isn’t enough information here to contact you in person, but please call us at 877-738-7237 and we’ll be happy to go over plan options with you.

Posted: 01/03/2013

I am extremely concerned with the double and triple increase in prices. If you do a comparision with other insurance companies, their rates are MUCH lower than yours for pets under 9. I did this because I'm very concerned I can no longer afford insurance, but when I checked into other insurance companies, I found them to be much lower. When I called Pets Best, I was specifically told that these increases will affect pets 9 and older.
Also, what you have neglected to state is that you are welcome to change to one of your new plans, but all claims previously submitted under Pets Best will now be considered PRE-EXISTING and will not be covered under the new plan. That just does not make any sense to me.

I have pets who have been enrolled in Pets Best for years and to find out that my premiums will double or triple, is unbelieable to me. It just doesn't seem fair to current customers.

Customers need to be aware that there will be a big jump in premiums. It would certainly affect the insurance they want to buy.

Posted: 02/19/2013

I wanted to follow up to my previous comment. I will say that my new policy only went up a few dollars a month. I was worried it would double or triple because of previous reviews. So, based on what Chryssa said, "Many others, however, saw their prices stay the same or even decrease" is right in line with what my policy will be for my pets in this upcoming year.