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I think that VPI pet insurance is fantastic. I reduced an 8 month old mix breed dog who tore her cruciate ligament when she was only 3. VPI paid exactly the amount listed in the plan, which covered most of my expenses. I would not have been able to afford her surgery without it. You do need to go into the plan knowing that you have to wait about 1-2 months to be reimbursed, however most vets will let you use care credit to pay for treatment, and then you can pay off your care credit with the VPI reimbursement. I also recommend that you look carefully at the plan you purchase when you sign up for it. I have had absolutely no surprised with VPI, but I made sure to look long and hard at their plan and compare it to others before I purchased it. Also remember that the breed of dog you own matters. Make sure you note what VPI will cover for certain breeds. I will keep my dog on VPI pet insurance for the rest of her life (=

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