Wellness rewards and deductible worked perfectly.

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My boxer/mastiff began developing a growth on the side of his chest, causing him significant irritation. This resulted in a couple vet exams and ultimately surgery, lab tests, and several prescriptions. At the same time, we decided to take the opportunity to neuter and chip him. I chose the Wellness Rewards Plus program, knowing that I would use all of it during this first year (with the neutering, etc.), with a $300 deductible. This plan worked perfectly, even with a complicated invoice with multiple items that spanned multiple aspects of my coverage and Rewards plan. I sent a letter with my claim forms to try to discern between the different procedures and costs, but ultimately it was unnecessary: Embrace maximized my coverage by placing each expense under the proper part of my coverage- I had nothing to dispute. In addition, they covered expenses on my invoices that I did not even try to claim and was unaware were covered (e.g. nail trimming covered by Wellness Rewards Plus program). They handled everything perfectly and I even learned some pleasant surprises about the extent of my coverage. I highly recommend the Wellness Rewards Plus program (especially if you have a large breed dog or a puppy in its first year), and I am extremely satisfied with their timeliness and clarity in their claims summaries and records.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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