Excellent, Fast Service, Caring Staff

Out of 10

My dog got stomach sick, was vomiting blood. The vets ran an x-ray, blood test and a stool sample, it was an infection and giardia. He was prescribed with meds for both and is very happy and getting better now.
The claim was processed super-fast, as an insurance professional I think the policy language is very straightforward and you can clearly tell what's covered and what's not. There are no back and forths with Healthy Paws, I gave my vet the claims form they email the diagnosis and the steps taken to heal my dog and within 1-3 days you get your email notice that the claim has been processed with your reimbursement rate minus coinsurance and the deductible.

I'd say much more efficient and simpler than even good health insurance plans for people.

The claim manager emailed me a couple of days after my dog's treatment to ask how he was doing and asked for pictures, I thought it was one of those massive emails but responded with a few pics and a status update and got a a response from a real person. A very nice touch! I just rescued another dog and adding him to my existing policy took 2 minutes on the phone.

In short - great service, simple, straightforward policy language, backed by one of the best and financially strongest insurance companies in the US, fast claims processing, and caring competent staff - can't ask for more!

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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