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We got Snoopy (Basset Hound) at 6 weeks of age. Having lost 4 other pets to cancer over the last 15 years, we knew we had to do our very best with this little sweetie who had already wrapped himself around our two little girls fingers. In my years and years of being a devoted pet owner, I have learned that pets don't give you any warning or are selective of their days of need. Without fail, my pets had always in the past picked the weekend or a holiday to come down with an emergency. So I checked out a few pet insurance companies and I really liked the guarantees with Healthy Paws. I had even called them to confirm, God forbid, cancer ever strike our Basset, that he would be covered. There were no exclusions! Over the past 2 months, Snoopy, now 2 years, had 2 emergencies. One was life threatening "bloat". Not only was our vet waiting for us as we drove up before their office opened, they faxed in my insurance claim directly after. Within 2 days I got confirmation from Healthy Paws that my claim was being processed. My reimbursement check was in my mailbox the very next day! My claim was for $338 and they reimbursed me for $304!!! I am going to take that check and open up a bank account just for Snoopy and will continue to fund that account every time I am reimbursed so the money I need at the time of an incident will never come directly out of my pocket. Thank you so much Healthy Paws for your timely, speedy response! And a special thank you for the heartfelt c

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Basset Hound

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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