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Words cannot express how impressed I am with this company! In February 2012, my 2 y/o doberman had over $3,000 in dental work done to repair 2 damaged canines. In August, one of them broke and we back to the specialist for another $3,000 in dental work (root canal and crown). Both claims were covered without incident. Due to a kennel cough outbreak at the specialists office, he developed pneumonia a week later. Another $1,000 claim was processed painlessly. The night before he went back to have the crown placed, he cut his paw (again, over $1,000)! My first thought was this insurance company is either going to kill me or drop me. Filed 3 claims in one month, each over $1,000, and no hassles!!! I recommend them to anyone who will listen and with the amount of time I have sat at the vet's office, thats a lot of people!!! I don't know how I could have handled all this without them!

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1 - 8

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Posted: 12/07/2012

I know exactly what you are saying. A few months after signing up our dog had to have back surgery to the tune of $3500. PetPlan paid the Vet directly so all we had to do was pay the specialist deductible.
Then my new kitten had two events where she was having fevers of an unknown cause. Again another $2000

We finally went a few years without a claim until recently when my 12 year cat was diagnosed with a rare cancer. PetPlan had paid every bill every time. I too had a small panic attack when the Vet School quoted us $7000 for the treatment, but PetPlan preapproved within two days. We have amassed over $10,000 so far. And to my joy, December is when our plan renew and they renewed with no problem. I though for sure they would drop us at least on that cat. I have four pets on the insurance. Just like you I will talk up PetPlan to any poor soul unlucky enough to be sitting near me in the Vets office. I got finally convinced my daughter to get PetPlan and she is sure glad because her cat got an eye infection.