Pushy, lazy, unhelpful, uncaring, unreliable.

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I had a bad feeling about this place when I first called to set up insurance for my cat & dog. The lady I spoke to acted as if I was pestering her forcing her to do her job, and subsequently, I was bombarded with follow up emails and phone calls. Finally I decide to pull the trigger, and every time I asked a question, you could hear her sigh, she was obviously annoyed. After every question I asked, her immediate response was "what's your card number?" I should have known right there that these people didn't deserve my business. After finally finishing the deal, I was informed it takes 14 days for a policy to become active, fine, no problem, understandable. About 5 days later I called to make sure everything was fine, and to follow up. They still hadn't begun the two week waiting period. I was a bit annoyed, but asked them to please contact my vet to get my cats check up. A week after that (which would have been day 12) I call back on a hunch to make sure it's continuing smoothly, and they still hadn't contacted my vet, and they still hadn't begun the 14 day activation period. After learning about this, I was furious. Obviously now that they had their payment, they simply didn't care. Every person I've spoken to is rude, pushy, and acts like they're doing me a favor by taking my money. I immediately hung up, called around for other insurances, and found a policy that was *40%* cheaper, for the same coverage, with next day activation. Not to mention the customer service was wo

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