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Customer Service is wonderful. The website is easy enough to navigate. Be sure to read the fine print and understand this insurance (and probably most of them) is for emergencies only. I was so excited to find affordable insurance for my puppy that I didn't understand that routine care (i.e. exam for a non-ill or injured pet, vaccinations, and neutering) is not covered, nor does it count toward your deductible. Since I've paid for a year's worth of insurance (quite reasonable, thankfully) I will keep it until it runs out, and in the meantime do more extensive research into other plans.
Having said that, after I had to rush my puppy in for an emergency, for which he required x-rays and a specialist to read them, Pet Plan was helpful about getting the records and has mailed the reimbursement check already.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 06/04/2013

Pet insurance is NOT only for emergencies, it is for any illness or injury and most of those will not be emergency situations. Most do not pay for vaccines (which I do not get after puppy shots as dogs are immune for life after that in almost all cases, and flea treatments are poison so I don't get that either). I had Pet's Best for many years and they paid 80% on ALL vet visits, period, after my deductible was met, including exams where I would have blood work done as part of my yearly routine care. I only switched to Pet Plan because they do not have limits on their coverage and the deductible was lower. Their customer service is horrible, however, and they still have not paid me for a claim for an emergency vet visit 5 weeks ago. They are also harassing my vet and their staff, saying they have not received the correct documents, or no documents at all, which they HAVE received by mail, email and fax already. They are very confused, they have multiple people dealing with one claim and they do not talk to each other. I'd advise you to go with Pet's Best or Trupanion!