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I have six rescue dogs that I have insured with Pets Best for several years. This last month, Pets Best raised my rate from $165.54 per month to $361.80 per month (an increase of $198 per month - more than double my previous payment). When I noticed the payment amount on my credit card statement, I called Pets Best immediately and told them I simply couldn't afford it. We then changed the policy so that it included a $500 deductible on each dog with a charge of $226.84 per month. It was my understanding that Pets Best would refund me the difference. The difference between the two prices was $134.96. The refund they provided was $14.37. I am unhappy in the extreme about the overwhelming and sudden rate increase. I am further really unhappy that Pets Best did not refund me the difference after I changed the plan. My recommendation is to not insure your animal with Pets Best unless you want to look forward to this kind of surprise rate increase when it is too late to insure your pets with a different insurance company. I note that the email message they sent regarding my policy renewal had a very mild statement that I might notice a rate change.

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Posted: 06/05/2013

They just raised the rate on our dog over 100%. I will be looking at other options. It doesn't pay to be loyal to Pets Best. Not a happy customer!!

Posted: 02/27/2013

I agree that this rate hike is much too high - sure, they offer higher deductible/higher copayment options but why, essentially, end up paying (much) more for less?? We received the notice of premium increase and are presently shopping other pet plans. With six older pets to insure, we really have no choice!

Posted: 02/28/2013

I had the same experience with Pets Best. Besides the rate increase, they also denied both claims I submitted on two different pets for poor reasons. In my opinion, they look for reasons not to pay out. I have since switched to Pet Plan and have better coverage for half the premium.

Posted: 03/01/2013

Hi Leta, we recently transitioned to a new underwriter that reviewed actuarial data and adjusted our rates according to which pets are most likely to need veterinary care. Some older pets’ premiums increased, while others’ stayed the same or decreased.
We notify all policyholders of any rate change by email at least 30 days before renewal, and also by paper mail in many cases. We strive to be clear in our communications and apologize if the correspondence you received was confusing or unclear.

Our records show we’ve issued a refund of significantly more than $14.37 and we recently contacted you on this matter. If we can be of further assistance, please call Customer Care at 877-738-7237.