at least they are honest!

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I think people forget that they are an Insurance company- Just like any other insurance company they will weasle out of what they can! Anyway I just purchased insurance from them I had to comment because many people seem to not have read their policy fully or found out what would be covered BEFORE they went ahead and had things done at their vet, just expecting to be reimbursed. I really like how when I e-mailed them and asked them questions about my dog they were up front and honest about what would and would not be covered. They also suggested doing a medical history review where they review the dogs history and let you know up front what they will and will not cover. I think it's pretty darn good they are willing to do this and the woman told me up front if I did not like what they had to say in the medical history review, I could cancel my insurance policy and they would reimburse me for my premiums as long as I didn't make any claims. Inform yourself before you make any claims with them so you don't end up having surprised. You can't get mad about what was in black and white the entire time!

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