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My husband and I have always been pet parents to several pets at a time during the years it has been extremely expensive to take care of medical expenses( credit cards ! ). So when we took on the next generation I started looking into pet insurance but could not find one that made good sense. The biggest expense a pet owner has is when their pet is hurt or sick..really dont need the yearly shots for physical to be covered. SO GOODNESS I came across a trupanion pamphlet at vet office and looked into it.THIS IS IT!! I signed up 4 pets , 2 yorkies 4 years old and 2 cats maine coon 5 years old JULY 2010. I had decided to do the zero deductable so I would have less out of pocket expense if needed medical attention. Well much to my surprise one of my yorkies Maggie needed surgery Sept 2010 for a ruptured R CCL and the bill totals $ 2347.00 , reimbursed back 90% $2112.30 !!! Then my poor Maggie gets bladder stones in April 2012 cost $ 2128.00 got back $ 1915.20 . Then again she gets a big bladder stone Sept 2012 costs $ 2266.50 got back $2039.85.. I WOULD HAVE BEEN AT WITTS END !! I know about the credit card pet charges for your pets welfare , most of my charges used to be vet care.. I TALK TO MY FRIENDS AND ANYONE WHO ASKS ABOUT PET INSURANCE ..THIS IS THE ONE TO HAVE !! THE STAFF IS HELPFUL IN CONTACTING YOU ON CLAIM PROGRESS AND THEY EVEN ASK HOW YOUR PET IS DOING.. ( so nice that they care ) .. AGAIN I HAVE FOUR PETS SIGNED UP and so far my other 3 are fine AND I AM SO

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