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ASPCA insurance has not only denied my legitiment claims but a friend's claim as well. They deny claims hoping you will not fight them. I knew I was in the right and I had to go as far as getting the surgeon and my vet to write letters. Both doctors were furious and appalled. The people on the phone don't know enough to be credible, they clearly were trained to keep money in the system but not educated enough to defend reasons for denying the claim. It was infuriating. In the end I did not back down and The claim went through. However when I got the check it was such a small percentage of the vet bill I was livid. I also was finished. I left and went with Pets Best where I have not had a single problem so far. ASPCA should be ashamed to be affiliated with the hartford group. My doctors were so disgusted they pulled the pamphlets from their lobbys. I will get my friends to write a review, their story is even worse.

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Laryngeal paralysis
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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