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I’ve had Healthy Paws Pet Insurance for over a year. Prior to choosing them, I did extensive research to see what best fit my needs. I checked web sites like this one, my “Off Hours Emergency Vet”, my “regular Vet”, Consumer Reports (September 2010 has a good article) and each provider’s “fine print”.
I have a couple Senior Golden Retrievers and found that Healthy Paws worked best for me. Since they are Goldens, many carriers wouldn’t cover “Genetic Conditions”, even if they hadn’t shown symptoms. This could range from dermatitis to cancer. In addition, I liked the “Unlimited” aspect. If anyone had ever had to treat a pet in an emergency situation, they are aware how fast the cost rises.

My experience has been positive and the reimbursement is fast, usually within a week. I’ve also called them a few times and I didn’t have to wait longer than five minutes to speak with someone. One thing I would suggest is if/when you sign up, you make sure that they get all your pet’s records so that the processing time is reduced.

Two of my recent claims have been a major stomach issue with one dog that needed an IV and a day in the hospital and the other dog needing eye surgery because she scratched her eye and it wouldn't heal and we had to take her to a specialist.

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Eye problem


Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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