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We have a 10 year old American Eskimo named Snuggy who has been in great health and extremely low maintenance ….. Till this year when he injured his leg with bills around $200. Being that I have some insurance background, I decided to look into some pet health insurance. Just to be safe. I researched several plans and compared about 8 insurance plans on various criteria regarding monthly premiums, co-insurance, type of coverage’s, exclusions, policy limits etc. Based on my research I decided to go with Healthy Paws since they offered the best value for a full service health plan especially for an older dog!.... I wished us humans could get this type of value!!!! Just about a month into the plan Snuggy managed to get in more trouble by developing an eye problem He was diagnosed with lens luxiation (similar to human cataract). I figured some ointment and a couple of days rest that he would be just fine. Also, I figured on the high side it may cost a couple of hundred dollars. To my surprise our Vet indicated that he would need eye surgery performed by a specialized eye surgeon. So I decided to visit Eye Care for Animals which is a large Ophthalmology Practice with locations all over the US. They examined my dog about ½ hour and presented me with an estimate for about $3500, ouch! I naturally wanted to get a second opinion and opted out. Well they still presented me with a bill for about $500 which I had no choice but to pay. After some calling around I finally found a goo

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Eye problem

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Over $1000

American Eskimo Dog

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Over 8 years

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