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A few weeks ago I woke-up on a Sunday morning to find that my 10 month old Golden Retriever vomited a sock. How and where she found the sock is still a mystery to me. She seemed fine when I greeted her so she proceded to eat her breakfast and drink water. Shortly thereafter, I noticed she couldn't satisfy her thirst. Within an hour she start vomiting the water, but not her recent breakfast. I thought this was odd and wondered if she ate two socks and there was a blockage. I rushed her to an emergency animail clinic where x-rays showed a second sock stuck in her intestines. An IV was placed in her leg to hydrate her in the hopes of passing the sock naturally, however two hours later I received a call that she was going into distressed and they needed to operate. She went through the surgery with flying colors and the stitches were removed 10 days later. I am happy to say she's back to her normal puppy playfulness.

Petplan was there when I needed them. The plan I chose was a $200 deductable and a 20% co-pay. Between the emergency animal clinic and follow-up vet bills, the total bill for eating a pair of socks topped $3,700.00 My out of pocket was approximately $900.00. Thank you Petplan.

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