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I have been paying for VPI for four years and spent a lot of time reviewing policies and choosing the best one for my pet (dog, mixed breed). I decided to splurge on their highest pay-out which, according to many phone conversations covered $4500 per incident and up to $14000 per term. I did the math using my online account and all my claim checks minus the monthly payment, my co-pays, and deductible (which gets deducted with EACH claim) and I just about broke even. I considered breaking even a good thing while my pet was healthy and I was only using the core care coverage. HOWEVER when my pet was hospitalized and I faced a $2200 vet bill they only paid out about $700. After many phone calls they directed me to about 300 pages of fine print of their "maximum pay out" amounts. There were two diagnoses for my pet, they would only count one as primary even though the vet said they were separate issues. The MAXIMUM pay out for that diagnosis INCLUDING treatments, hospitalization, AND surgery was $210. That number is insanely low and insulting, and makes me wonder who at VPI is deciding these "maximum payouts" and how they can include surgery and hospitalization in a $210 maximum pay out. No unnecessary work or tests were performed on my pet. I even opted out of certain procedures because they were too expensive. The only things performed were to save my pet's life, she's only 4 and otherwise healthy. But when she's vomiting blood and can barely lift her head, the

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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