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Never thought it could happen to Nate, but it happened. Nate is a 4 years old puggle, and a very energetic, smart, naughty boy. He jumped around me on Monday morning as usual when I about left to work; he did not jump on me as usual when I came back in the evening; the worst, he could not stand up on his back legs on Tuesday morning.I took him to Veterinary Specialist of Valley right away; he suffered from backbone disc misallocated and which pinched on his nerve. He had a hemilaminectomy surgery on Tuesday afternoon to remove the disc; and because of infection, he stayed in the urgent care for 2 weeks until he can urine himself. Now, 5th week since his injury, he can walk, he can run a little; and, he even tried to jump! Still a long way before Nate’s full recovery, but his progress so far already amazed us consider the severity of the injury.
Good facility and doctors are very important to the surgery and recovery; also, the short turnaround time on performing the surgery is critical. We could not make such important decision quickly if we had not been insured by PetPlan. We were shocked with the cost when we heard the estimation; with PetPlan insurance, we were able to make decision in timely manner and PetPlan kept all the promises.
So many things and so many people we want to thank; PetPlan is absolutely one of the key ones, we thank PetPlan so much and get our beloved family member Nate back to walk again!

Thank you, PetPlan

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Posted: 12/19/2013

I am in the same predicament now been waiting months for an appeal where they say my dog Buddy had kennel cough (Bacterial Infection)and a year later after I got the insurance he has Bronchial allergies and has a cough and gagging. They say because he coughed last year before i had insurance and he has a cough now it is pre-existing, even though the vet wrote a letter stating it is definitely a different ailment although manifest the same through coughing. Coughing is a symptom not a disease or sickness. Lots of different illnesses manifest the same symptoms. Really ridiculous!