Treatment for Pancreatitis

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During December of 2012, My dog, "Phoebe", became ill and was diagnosed with Moderate Pancreatitis. She was very ill and in January of 2013 she relapsed and had to be treated again.
She had to be hospitalized several times and between December of 2012 and throughout January of 2013, she had to be treated by the Vet with medications and there were several visits and stays at the hospital.

Phoebe has recovered and thankfully Trupanion did cover the expenses that were allowed within the boundaries of my policy.

Initially when I submitted the claims, Trupanion refused the claim based on an incident that Phoebe was treated for in 2010. Trupanion explained that there was the possibility that the problem in 2010 could have been a preexisting condition, therefore my claims for Phoebe were not eligible for coverage for the Pancreatitis.

I immediately notified the company that I would appeal their decision. I spoke with the Veterinarian that took care of Phoebe in 2010 and he told me that he treated Phoebe for Gastroenteritis and that she had no symptoms at that time that would have indicated Pancreatitis, that the cause was from things that the dog had ingested and her digestive tract was reacting to it. He treated the upset and it cleared up and until December of 2012, she had no more problems with her stomach or digestive system.

I obtained a letter from the Vet who treated Phoebe in 2010 explaining to Trupanion what Phoebe had been treated for(Gastroenteritis)

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