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My mother Evelyene and I share an apartment and take mutual care of the two dogs in our home. Our Silken Windhound, Maya, reached her 8th year birthday this past January and is now actively approaching her 9th. She has always been athletic and loves a good fast squirrel chase. Neighbors have called her "the black and white lightening". But after the new 2012 year, she started having pain in her face, head, neck, and even hips; Maya would walk with her head hanging down, not chasing after squirrels as much, dodging my hand and hiding from me at times. When an initial vet visit and a couple weeks of taking it easy didn't resolve the pain, I took Maya back to the clinic. By coincidence, the vet that day, who has neck arthritis, clued in immediately to Maya's symptoms. An x-ray revealed not only early signs of arthritis in Maya's neck, but a possible damaged disk as well, though fortunately Maya's hips were clear of any problems. When anti-inflammatories and rest were not enough to ease Maya's pain, the vet recommended a neurologist. The neurologist performed several tests including an MRI which confirmed the diagnosis of intervertebral disc disease and arthritis in the neck while ruling out other possible problems. He informed the primary vet and myself that the problem was relatively mild and surgery would not be needed, a huge relief. Maya now takes one Tramadol every other day, and if experiencing more pain the usual, once per day. This is enough to keep her pain free and fee

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Neck arthritis & Intervertebral disc disease
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