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All of the negative comments posted here could have been avoided if people would stop being so lazy and actually read their contract, including the fine print. I love my Banfield, and after much deliberation, have decided that my pet is worth the money, dead or alive, to try my best to care for him. End of story!

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$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 12/28/2012

Roger S,If you were not so lazy and actually read all the reviews, you would see that many are about the quality (or lack of) not about the "fine print" of the contract. Since you are just deciding to sign up for the wellness plan, it indicates you are fairly new to Banfield. I tried 2 different Banfields and gave them opportunities for 4 years, before I decided enough is enough. You DO NOT save any money on these plans as the prices are inflated. They will try to up-sell you into proceedures your pet does not need. Unless your pet is a puppy/kitten, they do not need all those shots the Plan so willingly provides. Your plan includes 2 wellness visits a year. These are scams to make you feel you are giving the best care. You drop your pet off and they spend the whole day being taken care of! Right? No, honey, your pet spends all day locked in a cage terrified in return for about a half hour of care. (Unless they are getting teeth cleaned, then more care is actually given)Its called an illusion for well meaning yet incredibly naive pet owners. You have been swindled, just as all of us were. In time, you will realize it. The only good thing about the Plan is that it does help to manage budgets for those that are not good at putting money aside for vet care. Paying a monthly fee does come in handy rather then paying a large bill all at once. I will give Banfield that much credit. Other then that, stay in your illusion and enjoy the sub-par care your loved one will receive.

Posted: 01/10/2013

You would want to pay pet insurance for a dead pet? Unbelievable...You must work for Banfield.

Posted: 02/10/2013

I agree Dee, Banfield is awful! We took our 8-month-old kitten into the Banfield at 12901 N I H 35 in Austin TX a little over two years ago because he got something on his eye that we could not get off. Banfield told us it would cost over $1000 dollars to have it surgically removed and if we did not then he was going to lose his eye. We were very concerned at this point but could not pay that kind of money at the time and they refused to allow me to make payments. The doctor gave me the biggest guilt trip actually yelling at me and saying I must not care about my kitten if I could not pay what it took to save his eye. I will never forget how she treated us and based on her hard sell behavior, cannot imagine how she would have neglected our baby. What concerned us the most about our experience with Banfield was how the doctor was more concerned about how she was going to get her money than the life of the animal she gave the impression she cared about. We took him to a real vet for a second opinion. They were able to remove the debris from his eye for only $250 dollars, which they allowed us to make payments for over a period of four weeks, and he has been fine since then. Our vet also told us that he would not have lost his eye. Many vets are aware of Banfields deceptive tactics to their customers and do not recommend them to their clients. I can certainly see why. Roger S sounds very much like a Banfield employee. What I find ironic is how employees are able to submit comments even though this site specifically prohibits this. I would never recommend anyone taking their beloved pets to Banfield for any type of care. For a so-called vet office to imply a pet owner does not care about their pet because they cannot pay the extreme padded fees they demand is demeaning and very unprofessional and does not encourage clients to want to stay with them! What a strange way to do business.