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Soon after losing our much loved older dog last fall we adopted a little fluff ball mixed-breed puppy from a rescue group specializing in shelter dogs. Even though he was young and healthy, our vet suggested getting pet health insurance for him, especially considering the huge vet bills we had just been through with our old dog. We decided on the Healthy Paws 90% coverage policy (excluding vet exam fees) because we wanted to be covered in case of a big bill, but still have reasonable monthly premiums. We had one or two vet visits over the winter and early spring that brought us up to our deductible, and we promptly received a reimbursement check for the eligible charges as soon as the vet submitted our invoices.
Then one Sunday in May our puppy suddenly became very sick, stumbling, drooling, and hallucinating (he was trying to walk into the wall). It was clear that he had somehow gotten into something extremely toxic, though we're not sure about what it could have been, since he has always been either confined to a very safe part of our house, on leash on walks, or closely supervised in our safe, fenced yard. We suspect that he may have eaten a toxic mushroom, since we live in a forested area with lots of natural vegetation. We rushed him to the emergency vet, where they first tried to bring the seizures under control, not very successfully, and they were not sure they would be able to save him. Finally, after many hours, they managed to safely tube some charcoal into him

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