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My sweet German shepherd, Blaze, was having increasing difficulty walking, getting into the car and negotiating stairs. An M.R.I. was indicated to further diagnose the problem. This was only possible because Healthy Paws paid 80% of the cost, after the deductible of $250 was reached. The M.R.I. indicated that Blaze had multiple (6) vertebral discs that were variously degenerated and bulging, two of which necessitated rather immediate surgery. Spinal surgery is not a simple matter--not physically, for my dog, nor financially, for me. Again, because of the support of Healthy Paws, this life saving surgery was made possible for Blaze. As always, they processed my claims immediately and within a week, a check for 80% of this very hefty bill was in the mail.
It turned out that once the surgeons had opened up Blaze, they discovered that one disc was much worse than the M.R.I. had revealed: it was actually fused to his spinal cord. It was only because of the superior skill of this Board certified neurosurgeon that the disc was removed with NO injury to Blaze's spinal cord--a 4 hour procedure, 2 - 8" long incisions, and 4 days of hospitalization.

Nearly, 2 weeks since the surgery, I'm happy to report that Blaze is making a remarkable recovery. I look forward to the 8 week mark when he will be free to run, chase balls, and tussle with my other shepherd. My gratitude to the extraordinary physicians, Dr. Cuddon and Dr. Ko, at the Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Wheat Rid

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intervertebral disc degeneration
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German Shepherd

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Posted: 08/29/2013

My dog was recently diagnosed with this disease as well but it wasn't as bad as your German Shepherd (my regards). My fear is that she might have to get surgery in the future since she is barley 2 years old, what hospital/doctor did the surgery so that I may have his/her referral?