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A day after I purchased my policy my dog was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. This condition was classified as a pre-existing condition. I could not have predicted that Abbie would be diagnosed with a thyroid condition. As it is part of your policy that you will not cover pre-exisiting conditions within 14 days of purchasing the policy .I cannot and will not pay for a policy that will not cover this condition. My policy was in effect. I had no way of knowing and her vet records show this.What really are people to do? Are we to let our pets go sick for 14 days so that it would be covered? or as I did because I love my dog took her to be checked for allergies and not for this condition. Had the vet not suggested the blood test I would have not known. I thought I was making a good choice I will have to read more of the fine print with her next policy.

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Posted: 11/03/2012

In all due respect, Sherry, I think it's unfair to blame Petplan for something that was clear in their policy and that you didn't carefully read -- and it's not fine print, it's there clearly in each of the points of their policy. They don't have the 14-day exclusion just to arbitrarily make it difficult for new enrollees -- why would they want to do that to new customers? -- that's there because then there would be the potential for a lot of dishonesty. I realize you had no control over the condition occurring the next day, but that is simply a part of the policy. Also, they have a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like them.
I enrolled my dog with Petplan when she was already a senior -- 10yo -- and then she developed hypothyroid at 11. With the exception of deductible, they have paid EVERYTHING (I have 100% coverage).