Banfield's unprofessional marketing

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I'm new to Banfield. I'm a new owner of a bulldog puppy and I received a coupon for a free check up for my dog. I was pre warned by my breeder that Banfield is the "MacDonald's" of veterinary care so I was pre warned. I think my pup receives good care at Banfield. I however fill the pressure of the big hospital hustle to make as much money on a visit as possible. I accept Banfield's advise but I don't always take it. I order whatever I can online because even discounted their fees are higher than average. The well puppy/dog plans pretty much add up to what you would pay during the year for check ups and immunizations so you don't really save accept by budgeting through their plan what you would've saved. I paid the year cash so they would not continue to charge me through my bank in the event I decide not to remain with them. I wish for a veterinarian in a small practice with fair prices but I haven't found one yet. So far Banfield is convenient -- I groom the dog and he gets checked up in one sweep.

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English Bulldog

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