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Rarely have I experienced a company more responsive, fair, or with better customer care than PetPlan. My 7 year old sweet, sweet dog, Punker, went in for a routine tooth cleaning and extraction, and slowly got sicker and sicker, with undiagnosed convulsions. After a series of blood tests, an MRI, spinal tap, chest x-ray, IV's, and all kinds of medication, they finally had to put him to sleep a week later--undiagnosed. The Pet Plan Customer Care folks (Kathryn and Heather, in particular) were incredibly empathetic, followed up on every question I had, resolved claim issues immediately, and called me when it was resolved--never more than 24 hours. My vet bills were over $6000, almost all of it reimbursed by PetPlan. I only had the policy about 2 years. It was the best investment I've ever made. I would never get another dog now without immediately buying pet insurance---from Pet Plan.

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