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After I got laid off at my previous job at the end of last year, I was very concerned about what if my dogs get ill. So, I purchased Petplan for my three dogs. I am glad that Dooby can be covered by a pet insurance although she was 14 years old last year.
Before one benign tumor had been surgically removed on Dooby, she had been found elevated White blood cell counts. I am wondering she may have lymphoma because her spleen enlargement. Once I mentioned it to her primary Vet, Dooby had been checked X-ray and then biopsy on her enlarged spleen. It is confirmed it is CLL. Then, Dooby is seeing an Vet Oncologist for chemotherapy. CLL might not get her due to her age. I greatly appreciated that Petplan can cover part of her vet bill and ease my financial burden. It also allows me paying more for her continue treatment. She is taking chemotherapy everyday with very mild side effects. Her WBC counts remains almost the normal range. She is a happy dog again. Thanks for Petplan!!!

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Miniature Schnauzer

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