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I had the insurance for years for both my dogs, and while I do check out other plans out there every once in a while, I haven't found a reason to switch. Dog insurance seems very similar to dental insurance - cheap plans don't cover a lot and have large deductible and small allowance. So like everything else, you pay for what you get. I used to have the Wellness plan added, which covered shots and office visit, but the cost of the plan was same as just paying for the shots. I found out my vet has shot clinic with reduced fees, and I cancelled the add-on. Besides that, I have the plan for both my dogs and had to use it for both for various minor things. I am not looking to have my pet have a serious issue just to "make out" on the cost of the premium, but when the treatments were costly, it was nice to know most of the money was coming back. On larger procedures I think I get about 75% back, smaller maybe close to 50%, just because of the deductible. It's ok, I want to have coverage when they get older and sicker, so I will stay just to avoid denial later because of some crazy "waiting period" or some other reason the new insurer might find not to cover the cost...The customer service is good, reimbursal time frame of 1-2 weeks, and overall it's a good company. Do check coverage limits before signing up, they do have different plan options.

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cruciate legament repair
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bichon Frise

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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