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I went into Banfield 1238 Putty Hill Avenue Baltimore , Md location today Jan, 6 ,2013 to have Ella's anal glands expressed and Carmens nails clipped. I was denied service for Ella because my account was on hold for 127.00. The account was on hold not because of insufficient funds but because of something going on administravely. They were unable to submitt payments until they received my updated card information. I understood that and was willing to submit payment and new card info on the upcoming Friday Jan, 11, in the meantime I still wanted Ella's glands done. First thing they said was that the account was on hold and she was still being denied service tech went back after i protested and another tech felt the need to remind me that i would not be getting the plan discount. I understood that and was not expecting nor did I ASK to get a discount i was willing to pay full price for ella's glands. I have been a customer of Banfield for several years now always paying for services when payment was due as well i should but this is my problem had i brought ella in for a much more serious issue than anal glands according to vets and staff she would have been denied care because of an overdue account which would not have covered her injuries beyond the plans scope anyway. I would have had to pay for services just as i was willing to pay for services today. I will cancel plan as soon as office opens on Monday and I will voice my disappointment to Practice Manager of that locatio

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anal gland expression
Claim Amount
Under $100

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/08/2013

She wanted medical care for her pet and it was denied. That's the issue, no her expired card.I had horrible experiece at Banfield with my cat's insurance which I canceled of corse. All I wanted was a simple parasite examination, the people at Banfield lost the sample and kept telling me that they'll call me with the results. They never call me and after more than one week I started calling, going and speaking with the managers they didn't solved nothing and didn't even told me that they lost it and bring another sample or my cat. The only time the manager call me was when I canceled my plan. This time I was too busy to return her call.
I can understand the frustration of I'm sure many people experiences at Banfiend.

Posted: 02/13/2013

So, you didn't pay your bill because your card was expired but you still felt entitled to service? Hmmmm. You get a 1 out of 10 as a customer. Stop complaining and pay your bill or update your card info. It's ridiculous that you are complaining.