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While I have always had pets, I had never had pet insurance before. When I brought home a new Brittany puppy three years ago, I looked into insurance once again. I procrastinated a while, but finally took the plunge.
Just after her second birthday, she started having grand mal seizures. Unlike many seizure dogs, her seizures are strong and frequent, even with daily phenobarbital. Worse yet, she has cluster seizures which means that she has seizure after seizure after seizure until the anti-convulsant kicks in.

It's now been about 15 months since the onset on the epilepsy. Her seizures were starting to come every 17 days, so a new and very expensive medicine was added to the regimen. She now gets three different medications. Plus, her blood levels need to be checked regularly.

Petplan has been such a blessing! Her current regimen of medication runs about $300 a month, not including her regular bloodwork to the tune of $120. She is only 3 years old and will hopefully live another 10 - 12 years. I could not afford her medications without Petplan. I am so grateful for their wonderful service.

It did take a couple of weeks for the initial claim to be approved. Since then, however, they have been fast and efficient. Usually, I have a check in my mailbox within a week.

I will NEVER have another pet without insurance. Thank you PetPlan!

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