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My husband and I welcomed the first addition to our family this past April, our handsome Golden Doodle, that we named Oodles! The only way I was able to get my husband to agree to the name is that his nickname is Oodes! He is the sweetest little six month old puppy. I knew that vet bills could get very costly, so I shopped around for about a month trying to find the best pet insurance I could. Needless to say, the best one I could find was Healthy Paws based on monthly cost, yearly deductable and percentage of coverage. I knew if the time came for our baby to go to the vet god forbid if anything happened to him, I would rather worry about his health, than the cost of the medical bills. This definetly came sooner than I had ever expected! Two weeks ago our pup had aweful issues with his belly. We had to bring him to the ER Vet then 5 days later back to the vet because he was vomiting over and over again. He had x-rays and our vet thought that he was going to need surgery. I was a mess, because my six month old puppy may need to have surgery, but not because the cost of the surgery was $2,800 on the low end! I knew I had Healthy Paws, I was not worried about the costs, I was worried about getting my baby boy better. The vet recommended they keep him overnight and try a more conservative route before surgery since he wasn't in much pain, so that is just what we did. The next day they took more x-rays and after fasting him and pumping him with fluids the linear object

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Posted: 10/07/2012

We're all so happy that Oodles made a complete recovery! It's always hard on pet parents when their pet is sick. We're efficient in our claims handling and reimbursement so pet parents have one less item to worry about. Thanks for the great review!


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