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Three weeks ago my dog was paralyzed and today he has finally started to walk. Without pet insurance and the help of Amy Bellingrath at PetPlan, I would not have been able to afford this costly, neurological emergency surgery for my dog, Willow. I called Amy, the "happiness manager", sobbing the morning after the bills had already started piling up from the night before, afraid that the insurance company would look for some loop hole, or have some procedure in place that would prevent us from helping Willow. He hadn't gone to surgery yet and her answer held his life in the balance. Since there was no warning for his sudden decline and no past history, they covered the work-up, surgery, hospital stay to the max my plan would allow. I used every penny of my $12,000 policy and I can't thank them enough!! She called me every time a claim or medical records came in to let me know where they were in the process. She called me less than five business days later to let me know the checks were in the mail. And of course, she still calls to check-in on how he is doing.
Willow is a therapy dog who works with children and their families, so he's not just my dog. Thanks to PetPlan, the kids get to see him again this fall when he can walk again.

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Degenerative disk disease; neurology
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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