Stear clear, Petsbest will NOT cover any services for you!

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The policy I purchased says it has 90% Reimbursement for all:

Accidents, Illnesses, Cancer, Hereditary Conditions, Surgeries
Emergency Care
Take-Home Prescriptions
Accident & Illness Exam Fees

The first claim I submitted was for a minor accidental ingestion and treatment. I received a message that claims processing may take up to a month because of covid causing delays for the company. After a month I got a second message that They had reached out to my vet for further records to verify the claim (I had already submitted full records related to the claim). I contacted my vet, who said they had not received any communication from petsbest asking for further info. But my vet gave me a copy of all my dogs records to send to pets best. The very next day, I received a 3rd message from pets best stating that my claim was denied because 'the services being claimed are not covered'. However in the explanation of benefits attached, it only said that further info had been requested, not that the service wasn't covered. And they hadn't even given me a full 24 hours to send the the additional records before denying my claim. Will be contesting this decision. And requesting a refund and cancellation of the policy. VERY DISAPPOINTED! NO COVERAGE!

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Claim Amount

Jack Russell Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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