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Izzie, our 2 y/o Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier/Standard Poodle mix)is a bundle of energy, afflicted with multiple medical challenges, since she joined our family when 10 weeks old.A few days after she came home for the first time, we shopped online for a good medical insurance plan for her.
The ASPCA plan fit our needs exactly. It would protect Izzie very well, particularly in case of any serious illness or accident, while also "protecting" our family budget. We are school teachers and need to be financially mindful. Well, as it turned out, for the first year or so of Izzie's life, she suffered just about every imaginable illness. She had skin diseases, gastro-intestinal things, dislocated ACL (twice), compromised stool samples (as puppy, Izzie had a knack for getting into, and eating, everything she could find, that was guaranteed to give her the runs. After she turned a year old or so, although most of her puppy year's challenges were overcome, she then began to suffer a pernicious skin infection that culminated in successful consultations with a dermatology veterinarian. We tell all this, because our intial decision to select the ASPCA insurance plan for Izzie was Heaven-sent. The plan's management never, never, questioned treatment options or costs by Izzie's veterinarians...always processing dutifully and on time! We've chosen to contribute to ASPCA initiatives as we can afford to do so, particularly since the ASPCA has been very generous in their coverage of Izzie's medic

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