Insure your pets when they are young!

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I was unable to insure my first 3 dogs due to their age and/or medical conditions. They cost a small fortune with their numerous claims - seemed every time it was $1000+. So when I got two six-month old yorkies, I immediately signed up for VPI (1 1/2 years ago). I have been very pleased with their reimbursements. Most recently they had to have dental surgery (at 2 years old!) and the bills totalled about $3200. I was reimbursed $2800 - so I was very pleased to have some financial relief on those claims! While I was initially irked to have to submit complete medical records (which they already had!), I was glad with the end result. I tell everyone I know - don't wait for your pet to get too old before you purchase insurance for them. Even if they are not having a lot of expensive treatments now, they will eventually and you'll be glad you had the VPI coverage.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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